1. Maggie Meier, who went into a coma after suffering a seizure in 2008, was somehow still able to shoot a beach ball through a hoop while in her, to use a Margaret Atwood-ism, fallow state.

    Yeesh that’s a bit creepy.


  2. Patrick Sullivan was named National Sheriff of the Year in 2001 and had been a widely respected law enforcement figure.

  3. So, LFO is different from the group LMFAO. As a child of the 90s, I seriously was confused for a minute.


  4. NASA is now recruiting astronauts. Could this be a good back up plan?


  5. Biographical information can’t be confirmed about journalists with the website News Hawks Review, whose stories promoted the Central Basin Municipal Water District.

    Wow, what a scam!

  6. Funeral for fallen firefighter Horace "Teddy" PendergrassFuneral for fallen firefighter Horace "Teddy" PendergrassFuneral for fallen firefighter Horace "Teddy" PendergrassFuneral for fallen firefighter Horace "Teddy" Pendergrass

    Funeral for Fallen Firefighter , a set on Flickr.

    Photos from the October 27 funeral of Fairfax County Firefighter Horace Pendergrass

  7. "I once had a boss tell me I use too many dashes. I got a new a job. #partylikeajournalist"

  8. Breaking Bad recently wrapped up its fourth season, leaving us despondent that it will be a good couple months until we see the further misadventures of cancer victim/chemistry teacher/crystal meth chef Walter “Heisenberg” White and his brash partner Jesse Pinkman.


  9. Oh geez, giving Renaissance fighters a bad name…


  10. If they’re like Hermione, they can take two classes scheduled for the same hour. If they’re like Fred and George, they can skip class altogether. They can paint on the walls, recite poetry in the garden and call all the teachers by their first names.

    The article is about a Northern Virginia school that started off as an experiment in 1971. What caught my eye, however, was this Harry Potter reference thrown in so casually (and without explanation)! I love it. I don’t care that not everyone has read Harry Potter, I love it.